Paula Johnson(non-registered)
You outdid yourself with your recent photographs and videos from your trip to Alaska. You captured many marvelous wildlife and scenic images.
Wonderful site, Chod, and wonderful photographs! So proud of your work!
Jill Annie(non-registered)
Wonderful photos! Your photography expresses your passion for nature.. I really enjoyed your work!
Doug Rudick(non-registered)
Very nice..if your schedule permits, you would fit right in as an exhibitor at the Discover Salina Naturally Festival. I would love to share more about it with you.
Terry E. Roberts(non-registered)
Good work Chod. Good eye for content & color. Love the photos of the old barns.
Greg L. Adams(non-registered)
Very nice Chod...very nice. Wish I could sit down with you and visit about your photography journeys. Looking forward to seeing more of your keen eye at work. Thanks for sharing your pics!
Dixie Coursen(non-registered)
I love your photos - especially the snow-covered bison. They are so majestic and you have captured a haunting scene from by-gone days.
ron lemon(non-registered)
Amazing! I would like a couple of large, framed prints.
Charles Fairman(non-registered)
Exceptional photos Chad. I especially appreciate those that show natural art and beauty found in NE Kansas.
Donna Dehn(non-registered)
Your photos are so beautiful! Would love to hang one on my wall.
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